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Google Chrome Update Fixes Progressive Loading Issue


Google Chrome is one of the most widely-used browsers in the world today. Its tremendous popularity among Internet content consumers is due to its seamless and user-friendly interface, as well as the lack of security threats and serious bugs within its coding. However, as any good company, Google always works on improving Chrome as to allow its users to always make the most out of their Internet browsing experience.

However, in an attempt to further improve Google Chrome, its team of developers also managed to introduce a somewhat annoying nuisance within its functioning parameters. We’re talking about progressive loading, of course, but you already knew that if you’re a devoted Chrome user.

The Problem with Progressive Loading

Chrome’s progressive loading feature has been initially designed as something that will facilitate faster browsing, allowing for users to start enjoying content almost immediately even though the page itself was still loading in the background. However, while the intention behind it was good, there were also a number of problems that developed due to it. We’re talking about those annoying moments when the page jumps unexpectedly off screen. This glitch is even more annoying on mobile devices, because the content is pushed even further down.

Google’s Solution

However, Google has now launched a solution for this issue in their new update of Chrome, and it comes in the form of scroll anchoring, which locks the scroll position on the screen even if offscreen content is still in the process of loading. According to representatives over at Google, this tweak will come into effect on versions of Chrome 56 or newer.

Needless to say, this is great news for all us Google Chrome users out there. It’s nice to see a company so devoted to keeping users satisfied as Google is. Who knows, maybe the browser’s fan base will actually increase after this update.

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