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Google Play Store Update Available With Improved Options and New Useful Tools


Remember last month’s really minor Google Play Store Update? Don’t be sad if you don’t, it was so unimpressive it truly fell under the radar. However, many users took to the Internet to speculate that, due to how boring the update was, Google was probably planning a more massive update in the near future, and the initial update was just a way to tweak devices in order to prepare them for the real one.

Well, apparently the Internet rumors were true, because a new and massive Google Play Store update just started rolling out on all Android devices. Let’s take a look at the update and see what it brings new to the table.

What’s New?

First and foremost, what draws attention first after opening the updated Google Play Store is the new My Apps section that now has a separate Updates tab, as well as a Library option (previously known as All). On top of that, the Installed Apps folder can now be sorted either in alphabetical order or size, or according to when the apps were last updated or used. Pretty cool, right?

Although the update might seem minor as well at first glance, it’s actually quite useful if you come to use it properly. For one, we sure appreciate the new opportunity to sort and organize our installed apps, and you will too once you get the hang of it. Maintaining a user-friendly interface is a very important element in such an app.

Google Play Store comes integrated into all Android-powered devices, and is a store app where you can find anything you want, from games and apps to books and music. Ever since Android came out, Google Play Store has been here to make our phones more interesting and bring us new and interesting things every week.

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