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Google Chrome And How Does It Updates


Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there, being used by both individuals and enterprises. However, that doesn’t makes it the best browser, as there have been always critics that users have brought to it.

One of the things that many users are not happy with is Chrome’s automatic updating mechanism. Some users think that most of the changes are happening too fast and that some customers are not absorbing them too quickly.

Google Chrome: How Automatic Or Manually Update Function

First of all we need to mention that Google Chrome is updating itself in the background and it is doing this since about 9 years. In other words, most users will just need to restart the browser to get the new update.

According to, the browser is automatically checking for updates and according to Google it is doing every 23 hours and 20 minutes. Once Google Chrome detects that an update is available, it will download the new version and it will prepare it for installation. However, it will NOT install the new version of the browser until the user starts or restarts the browser.

However, it seems that not every version of Chrome will receive the update as soon as Google releases one. Instead, the big search engine company is spreading out the distribution over days or weeks.

In order to manually check for an update you will just need to select “About Google Chrome” from the Help menu and the page will either say that “Google Chrome is to date” or you will see a “Relaunch” button, which will make your browser to update to the latest version as soon as it gets restarted.

Google Chrome: When The Next Update Is Released?

According to reports, Google is releasing a new version of Chrome every six weeks. However, this year the average time the company has released a new version of Google Chrome was about 47 days.

In other words, Google doesn’t keep a set schedule, meaning that sometimes it might deliver a new version of Chrome faster while sometimes later. Google recommends the Chrome users to check the Chrome Releases blog, where they will see whenever a new version of the browser is released.

There is also an “unofficial” website where users are able to see Chrome’s estimated release schedule. Just open the Google web page, search for “Chromium Calendar” and the first result will take you to the right web page. According to this calendar, Google Chrome 60 should be released sometime next week.

Google Chrome: Random Crashes

There are many reasons why you should update the Google Chrome and one of them is related to the “random crashes.” You probably noticed that your Google Chrome is suddenly crashing and usually this happens because of some bugs. Most of these types of bugs are solved once a new Google Chrome version is released and this is the reason why you should always keep this browser updated.

In fact, any application should be updated frequently, especially if it interacts with the internet.

Google Chrome 59 Has Just Been Released For Chrome OS

Yesterday the Google Chrome 59.0.3071.134 STABLE has been released for Chrome OS devices. The new update comes with a number of security updates, bug fixes and feature improvements. In case you install it on your Chrome OS device and you find any issues we suggest you to report them as soon as possible so that the developers can fix them. To submit a feedback you just need to select the 3 vertical dots (menu) and select “Report an issue.”

Are you using Google Chrome on your PC or mobile device? Tell us what new features you would like to see on this web browser!

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