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Google Earth Basic vs. Pro Download and Firefox Support


There are two versions of Google Earth – Basic and Pro. With the Pro version, you get a host of features including advanced GIS data importing, print HD resolution screenshots and ability to measure the radius, circumference, and area.  It will even let you make movies offline to share.

Whether you’re using Pro or Basic, three key requirements must be met for a successful installation:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.6.0 or higher
  • LSB 4.1 libraries

The latest update for Google Earth offers some new features, which is why you should update your copy right away. Now, this can be done manually or automatically based on the application.


Downloading Google Earth Basic and Pro

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FreeDiscontinuedDiscontinuedFree, Google ChromeFree, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Some of the newest features include

  • 3D View – More comprehensive 3D view of various places
  • Feeling Lucky – This lets you check out the less-explored areas of the world
  • Interactive Stories – About 40 books that talk about the different travel experiences of an array of locations
  • Knowledge Cards – Access to comprehensive information of places you want to check out
  • Voyager – Access curated journeys from various areas of the world

If you’re manually updating Google Earth, you’ll need to download the latest direct installers 6.2 and 7.x for Windows and Mac. Check out the Google Earth support page to get them. What will you see with the latest update for Pro?

  • Print hi-res pictures
  • Attain data about parcels, traffic count, etc.
  • Edit and share movies via Windows Media and Quicktime HD
  • Get better measurements with the existing measurement feature

Firefox To Get Google Earth Support

Google Earth is an app that’s free to download, but developers have been working hard to increase the program’s accessibility via web browsers. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that Google Earth can be accessed on the Chrome web browser. After all, Google owns Chrome too. Still, it appears that Mozilla Firefox will soon get Google Earth Support.

Mozilla Firefox To Get Google Earth Support

The developers at Google openly said via Twitter that integrated support for Firefox would become available soon. As noted earlier, the support is only extended to users on Chrome but via a method called Native Client.


At the moment, the developers are working on something known as WebAssembly, which is an open standard to run native code in browsers. WebAsseembly is already functional on Firefox. Support is also offered on the browsers Edge and Safari, which means they’ll soon get access to the software after developers have ported it to Firefox.

Nothing is substantiated about Edge and Safari getting the update, but rumors are abounding here.

Google Earth

The app makes use of high-quality satellite imagers that gives users a 3D-rendering of the Earth. It’s also loaded with a plethora of aerial photographs and GIS data that lets people visit any area of the world they want without actually going there.

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