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Google Earth Firefox Edition Ready to be Downloaded


Even though Google Earth is a free to download app, the developers are trying to make it even more accessible by adding support for web browsers. Chrome is the first browser which allows users to access Google Earth, but this shouldn’t surprise anyone since Google is directly in charge of the browser. However, it seems like Mozilla Firefox is next in line to receive Google Earth Support.

Google Earth Mozilla Firefox Support

The developers behind Google Earth publicly stated on Twitter that they are planning to integrate support for Mozilla Firefox. As previously mentioned, the app is accessible through Chrome right now, but this works through a method known as “Native Client”. Unfortunately, this method is exclusive to Chrome.

On the bright side though, Google Earth developers are already working hard to develop a special method using WebAssembly. This is an open standard for running native code in browsers and its being developed right now. In fact, the developers are getting close to the final build of WebAssembly and they are already able to run Google Earth on Firefox.


The best thing about WebAssembly is that it’s also supported by Safari and Edge. Therefore, those browsers are also going to receive access to Google Earth once the developers are done porting it to Firefox. Although, we need to mention that there’s no official information regarding Safari and Edge support and it’s all speculation.

Google Earth

This app uses high-quality satellite imagery to provide users with a 3D render of Earth. The app is also packed with aerial photography, GIS data which makes it possible for users to virtually visit every place they want on Earth including populated cities and incredible landscapes. Basically, Google Earth allows users to all fly over the planet and land wherever they want.

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