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Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 Gets Update with New Improvements


Google Earth Pro places satellite imagery, demographic data, tours, and geographic data right on the display of your PC. Visit exotic places, enjoy the beauty of historic buildings in the big cities around the world, or search for local hospitals, schools, restaurants, or other points of interest because Google Earth has them all.

According to Blorge, Google team released the new Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 version which brings improved performance and stability and 64-bit support.

Just some of the new features of Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 include ‘bug fixes, performance and feature updates, and security updates’, accordingly to the official release announcement.


Google Earth and Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro has recently become the standard version for computers that run Windows (7 and above), MacOS (10.8 and above), and Linux after Google merged its Google Earth ‘regular’ version with the Pro version.

A regular version of Google Earth is still developed for Android and iOS and it can also be accessed on the Google Earth site. However, the Google Earth normal version comes with fewer tools and features.

The Google team has promised to implement new features and tools in the mobile and web-based versions of Google Earth but, for the time being, they will focus on improving the Google Earth Pro version as it is containing all the features and instruments.

Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 – The changes

  • Support for 64-bit OS
  • SSL client authentication with secure servers
  • Printing in high resolutions is now available on Linux
  • Secure connections support
  • Certificate errors handling improvement
  • CSV tool for importing
  • Measurement tools improvement
  • GPS live mode
  • High-refresh-rate monitors are now supported better

Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 – Advanced Business Instruments

The improved advanced business instruments implemented in the new Google Earth 7.3.1 version include:

  • Measurement tools to compute distances and areas
  • Video production in 1080p with the Move Maker tool
  • High resolutions printing
  • ESRI GIS files importer tool
  • Spreadsheets importer tool

Google Earth Pro 7.3.1 is freeware and can be download from its official site.

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