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Google Maps and Its New Features


The evolution of internet and technology has indeed made life easier for most of us. Today, getting directions, finding locations of businesses and viewing maps are possible even if you are on the road, with the use of Google Maps.

Developed by two brothers and bought by Google, Inc, Google Maps was launched in 2005. It is a web mapping service that offers 360° panoramic views of streets, street maps, satellite imagery and directions from one point to another by foot, bus, bicycle and by car. It was designed using C++ as a desktop program and after its acquisition by Google, the program was converted into a web application.

With Google Maps, it is possible to do navigation and get to your destination the fastest way possible since the app provides real-time traffic information. It also comes with a voice navigation feature to keep you up-to-date with traffic, know which lane to choose and where to turn, although this feature does not apply in all languages and regions.

How to Use the Navigation Features

First, open the Google Map’s app and search for a place or select it from the map. At the bottom right, select “Directions”. It is possible to type specific locations to add other destinations as well as “stops” which can be up to nine stops. Next, choose from the different modes of traveling. It can be by walking, driving, taking public transportation and cycling. Other available routes are also displayed in gray on the map. You can use a different route by choosing the gray line. And to start navigation, simply choose “Navigate” and to cancel navigation, you can tap “Exit” at the bottom right of the screen.

Google Maps New Features

For iPhone owners, there are new exciting features for the app. These include an iMessage app, Timeline and a widget for a new screen lock. With the update, turn-by-turn directions are available as a widget. Conversely, the iMessage app makes it easier to let your contacts know where you are currently located. With the Timeline feature now available for iPhones, viewing the places you have been to and even adding more details on the locations has never been easier. By simply going to Settings, you can already access and view your travel history. Moreover, you can also set it to have an email sent to you each month to inform you of the places you have been to in the last 30 days.

While this feature can be useful, not all users are fond of having their every move monitored. Luckily, it is possible to disable this feature and keep your privacy. Simply go to Settings > Personal Content > Location History. Next, toggle off the switch. And if you want to only disable this feature temporarily, just go to Your Timeline > Settings > Pause Location History. Other options are also available. Find out more by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Google Maps and choose “While Using the App”.

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