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Google Maps Top Tips That You Might Enjoy


Here are five hidden Google Maps tips and tricks you might not know about!

Google Maps is the perfect app, if you want to get directions from one point to another or if you want to find the nearest restaurant and so on. It has a few interesting features of which not many people are aware. Here are some Google Maps’ secrets that are definitely going to help you get the most of this app.

Creating custom lists

You can create various lists of places and save them for later of even share them. Search for a specific place, then tap “Save” and choose to add it to your favorite spots. You can also create a new custom list of places.

Saving maps offline

You are able to save maps offline that you can view and search even when you’re not connected to a WiFi. You might find yourself in the subway or you might be driving in the middle of the desert and a map would really come in handy. Tap the left button and then select “offline areas”.

Reserving with Google

Google has teamed up with various fitness providers to allow the scheduling of appointments for customers right in Google Maps. You need to have the web-based version of the app and it will work with Appointy, Fron Desk, GenBook, Full Slate, My Time and MINDBODY, letting you find a class. You can use this in the US whether you’re on the road or at home.

Adding a stop for coffee

If you decide that you need one more cup of coffee while you’re driving to work, you can add a pit stop without having to mess with the original GPS route. You just have to press “search” and find a local point that interests you and Google Maps will add that specific stop to your route.

Sharing location

This is a fresh new feature that was released only a few weeks ago. If you use it, you’ll be able to share your real-time location and let your friend and family know where you are. You’ll be able to see for how long your location is being shared and who gets to view it. You can turn it down manually whenever you want to. You only have to go to the menu and tap the “Share location” button.

Try these tricks and tell us if you enjoyed them.

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