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Pokémon Go Might Receive Big Updates Soon


Pokémon Go is a game that’s constantly being updated by Niantic. According to the latest reports, the developers are planning to release two major updates after the Easter event ends.

This has also been confirmed by Niantic, which said that two new “special” Pokémon Go updates are being prepared. One of them will be released this spring, while the other one is planned to hit the game this summer.

Pokémon Go fans already knew that new content with new features is being planned to be released for this game in the coming weeks, but until now, the developers have not mentioned anything about it.

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what new stuff this Pokémon Go game will come with, but according to leaks, the Gym will get a revamp and a new raid system will be added to the game.

In other words, the Pokémon Go spring update will most likely be the first “phase” of the revamp, which will bring a new Gym gameplay that will change the way you will interact with your Pocket Monster. Rumors say that the players will be able to monitor their Pocket Monsters that are away guarding the Gyms, which will actually be a pretty good addition that will notify you whenever a Gym battle is taking place and if you’ve won or lost it.

In addition, a new feature will also allow you to feed your Gym Pokémon with berries, but there are rumors which say that the developers will add some new special ones, which you will be able to use.

The raid system will allow the players to do something else instead of just hunting Pocket Monsters. This will actually be a pretty good addition, because players will finally be able to team up and do some raids in order to get some good rewards.

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