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Google Earth New Update Is Set to Arrive on April 18


Keep your fingers crossed, as a brand new Google Earth is going to be launched on April 18, at a pre Earth Day event in New York City.  

Google has been intensively working at an overhauled version of its Google Earth that is going to be released during a pre Earth Day event on April 18, in New York City. A week ago, a report in has confirmed the fact that Google has already sent invitations for an event with the theme of Earth Day that is going to be held at the Whitney Museum of Art from New York City. The search giant has promised to take the lid off of a “brand new experience” for Google Earth.

Google Earth is a virtual globe that can be used in order to trawl satellite images of the whole planet’s surface. Google Earth uses resolutions between 15m and 15cm and you can search any area on the planet through it.

Rumors say that the new version of Google Earth is going to replace the Google Maps application. In Google Maps, Google has included 9 years ago the Street View feature that offers a great panoramic view from an eye-level of streets across the whole world. A renewed version of Google Earth might bring in some increased functionality from Google Maps, and this might include local listings and also traffic reports.

Last year, the Google Earth has launched a virtual reality version of the planet-visualizing application on Steam, but the app was only available for HTC Vive headsets. The team promised at that moment that in the near future it’s going to add support for additional platforms. Maybe the event from next week is going to bring an update for Google Daydream which is going to make the VR educational tool more affordable.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming event.

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