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Google Maps Unraveled the Mystery of a Senior’s Disappearance with One Image


Google’s mapping service is one of the most popular tools used to get directions and explore the virtual map of our cities and places. This is all thanks to satellite imagery, street maps and 360 degrees panoramic views of streets (Street View). The free web mapping service also offers the option Google Traffic; showing real traffic conditions, route planning with different transportation means and more.  Recently a Google Maps image showed a car at the bottom of a large pond. This is just one of the many bizarre images found thanks to the service.

The submerged car had a dead body inside

The car found at the bottom of a pond thanks to an image from Google Maps contained a dead body inside. The car was recovered two years ago and it contained the body of Davie Less Niles. The man disappeared on the 11th of October 2006 and before turning up in 2015 at the bottom of a Michigan pond, he was last seen at Jake’s Bar in Byron Township, Michigan.

A mysterious disappearance

Davie Less Niles was 72 years old and according to his family his last whereabouts where at the bar meeting with a friend. He left soon after seeing his friend due to pain suffered by cancer.

The family searched for him for 5 years and in 2011 they decided it was time to give up and organized an obituary.

After analyzing the evidence, the car was visible on Google Maps for years; it just needed someone to search that particular location on the virtual map.

The Kent County Sherriff’s Office Dive Team managed to retrieve the vehicle and they discovered skeletal remains. The authorities believe the remains belong to the car owners, Davie, and they have yet to find any foul play.

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