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Samsung Galaxy J7 Comes with Android 7.0 Nougat Update


The roll out of the newest Android update to the Samsung Galaxy J7 is almost here. Google released the Android 7.0 Nougat recently, but it still isn’t available for all devices. However, Android Nougat started to spread around and as it turns out Samsung Galaxy J7 will be the next one to get the update.

It is already available in some countries

Some users reported that the Galaxy J7 handset already received the Nougat update in Russia. This can only mean that the rest of the world will soon follow. And supposedly, India will be the next one to get the update.

We will remind you that Android Nougat will bring various updates. The notifications will be radically improved, and you will even be able to send a reply via the notifications bar. It will also come with a new Samsung UI, the latest security patch and the split screen feature. Also, after the update the firmware version of Samsung Galaxy J7 will change to

It has also been reported that the Nougat update has about 970 MB, so you can already prepare your phone’s storage. The Galaxy Club website posted various updates about the current status of the Nougat update, so you can keep an eye on it.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone

The Samsung smartphone will be a great fit for Android Nougat, since it is one of the latest Samsung Smartphones and it is performant enough to keep up with the newest Android version. The phone has a 1,6 Ghz octa-core processor, 16 GB of storage and 2 GB RAM. The resolution is 720 x 1080 pixels and it has a 5.50-inch display. It is great news to hear that Galaxy J7 will finally get Nougat, but it may be a bit late since Android Oreo is on the way.

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