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Google Play Store Comes with Security Features and Changes


When Google Play Store released the app version 7.7.09, it was immediately followed by another update, the version. While there are no major changes to be expected, new fixes came with the update.

The latest Google Play Store version also uses Android O API in which these APIs (Application Program Interface) improve security and stability of the app as well as allows for user authentication via fingerprint scans on selected devices. That said, the latest version has a list of warnings and verification checks for the app. Consequently, it notifies the user of bad behaviors displayed by other installed apps as well as blocks them to avoid malware attacks. The downside though is that it takes more time to install an APK file with the latest upgrade than the previous once due to security checks.

Other Security Features

  • When an unknown source tries to update an app, the user will be notified by Google Play Store. Similarly, it will also send a notification if Play Store, itself, updates an app. This also includes updates that come from servers.
  • If an APK file is installed without internet connection on the device, verification process will automatically take place once internet connection becomes available.

Other Changes

  • There is also the auto update assist for the section My Apps on Play Store. This might mean the toggling of Auto update to the My Apps section.
  • Another expected change is the disappearance of the Play Store widget. This is the 2 x 2 widget that gives suggestions for what apps and games to download. With the latest version, there will be two widgets remaining: “Play – My Library” and “Play Recommendations”.

For users who are still yet to get the later version, it is recommended to only download from trusted mirror sites to ensure safety and security. It can be remembered that a banking Trojan malware was recently detected hidden within several apps found in Play Store. While two of these have already been removed, it still pays to be smart before downloading any app.

Meanwhile, Adobe Flash Player also came with the update, along with surprises and fixes.

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