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How to Set Up Gmail for Your PC and Mac


Since its launch in 2004, Gmail has become one of the best free web-based email service enjoyed by more than a billion users. When it was first released, it offered 1 GB free storage, much higher than the 2MB allotted by its competitors for each user. Today, this free email service offers 15GB which it shares with other Google accounts, including Google Drive.

Other features include spam filtering, integration with Google Hangouts, free POP and IMAP as well as the Search feature. Google Mail also works in most browsers and different platforms, including Android devices. Downloading this web-based email service app on Android phones is easy via Google Play Store. By simply typing in “Gmail” from the search tab, you will be brought to the search results page.

Gmail on PC

The free email service, Gmail, need not be downloaded on your PC since you can access it from your Web browser, say, Google Chrome. Simply go to If you still do not have a Gmail account, you can go to to create your Google account. This free account gives you access to Google services, including Gmail. Once you have created your account, you can now access your Gmail and switch between devices. When accessing your Gmail, simply launch Google chrome. Click on the Google apps menu and choose the Gmail icon.

Gmail on Mac

First, you have to create a Google account if you still do not have one. This includes Google Drive as well as Gmail. Setting up your Gmail account on you Mac can be done by going to the Internet Accounts section located on your main System Preferences panel. Another way and considered to be the faster download alternative is by simply launching Mail, opening the Preferences panel and clicking the Accounts tab. The next step is clicking the “+” button from the Accounts dialog box and choosing which email account type you prefer. In this case, you will be choosing Google and clicking “Continue”. You can now enter your Gmail address and password to link your Gmail Contacts and Calendars.

What’s great about Gmail is that it offers useful features, including ample storage space. Make use of these best Gmail tips to enhance your free email service experience.

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