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Google will Stop Update Development of Pixel Phones


Recently, it can be observed on the support page for Google Pixel that they might not provide any updates for 2019. On the page, information is detailed suggesting that they might not be providing any updates for Android past the month of October (2018). These updates including the much needed security updates.

Final update information

This should not come as a surprise, as it would follow the same modus operandi Google has applied to their Nexus line of devices. More specifically, they provide around two years-worth of Android updates, followed by security updates that go for about three years.

It would seem that they are applying the same stratagem for the Pixel phones. Having been made available on the market in October, the devices will have Android updates until the final months of 2018. Afterwards, it is a matter of speculation if they will continue any sort of updates as far as the Android version is concerned. Security updates will still continue to be made for the devices for three years at least, up to about the month of October 2019.

Devices purchased from the Google Store

Those of us who’ve purchased a device from the Google Store will be receiving their updates a lot sooner.

It should be noted that Google has informed its consumers about its approach on updates when the phones have been launched, it is not something based on speculations.

The Nexus 5X and 6P devices will be receiving update to their Android OS up to the month of September 2017, updates for its security components will be constantly sent up to September 2018.

As far as Google Play devices are concerned, updates will not be received from Google, but they will have to get them directly from the manufacturers of the devices.

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