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A Guide to Gmail Download for Android and iOS


Android and iOS run the smartphone world. Figures from Gartner reveal that 99.6% of fourth-quarter sales in 2016 were for both mobile systems. This data isn’t a surprise either as this has been the scenario for quite some time. But whether you prefer Google’s mobile platform or Apple’s, you will most likely need an email app.

Apart from being one of the most popular mail providers in the planet, Gmail is also available in app form. With an app, users no longer need to access a browser just to get to their mail. Even better, they can receive notifications as new messages come in.

Downloading Gmail for Android and iOS is easy. Google and Apple both have a dedicated “store” where the latest apps, music, movies and other downloadable material can be found. Google has the Play Store and Apple has the App Store.

Gmail download for Android

Here’s how to get Gmail onto your Android smartphone:

  • Fire up the Play Store app
  • Perform a search for Gmail
  • Tap on Install

Gmail download for iOS

  • Go to the App Store
  • Do a search for Gmail
  • Tap on Get

For a time, Gmail on Android was way better than the iOS version. All that changed in November 2016 when Google released a redesigned version of the app – the first major one in about four years. The new version featured a new look as well as some requested features. Some of the features included were Undo Send, a faster search, and swiping for archiving or deleting.

With one billion active users all around the world, Gmail is clearly the preferred mail provider of choice by a lot of people. Google is also rewarding that user base by providing updates for the app and web versions.

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