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Updates for Skype Business on Mac and Xbox One App Are Now Available


April seems to be a good month for Skype since it seems to be on the roll in terms of releasing updates. Aside from releasing Version 11.14.662.0 for Windows 10 computers and Windows 10 Mobile devices, the popular instant messaging service also rolled out an update for Skype Business on Mac as well as its Xbox One App.

Downloading the April update for Skype Business on Mac will bring about several interesting changes that will delight Mac users. Those who use the chat function in Office 365, for example, can now enjoy File Sharing, which streamlines workflow and increases productivity and efficiency. Skype assures everyone that this function will be extended to on-premise server users in the coming weeks, so that’s something to watch out for.

If you use Skype Business on Mac, you’ll also get to enjoy other new features. Notifications will now show the video preview as well as the call answering button, which means you can now answer calls even when you’re not in the Skype app itself. Skype will also now inform you if a Delegate is calling you in behalf of a Delegator and, if you’ve been trying to join a meeting multiple times, you’ll receive a notification that your request has been denied.

Other new features include having the names in the contact list sorted in an alphabetical manner and saving the ring device settings if Skype restarts. These might seem like little things, but they can actually help make Skype Business on Mac much easier and convenient to use.

The update for Skype for Xbox One also brings with it several important features. If you use this app, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that the UI has been improved. It now has a darker look that matches the appearance of other Microsoft Xbox apps, and it’s designed to let you easily switch in and out of calls. The app also now has controller shortcuts, so you simply have to tap a button to access Skype commands.

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