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Here Is How to Rank at the Top With SEO

Do you run an online business or blog?

Having a pretty website is a good start but it won’t get you far. There are nearly 2 billion websites, each one fighting for attention. You need to learn how to rank higher on Google SERP to dominate the competition. 

Not sure how to get there? Don’t fret, we’ve got a list of tips and SEO trends to help. Continue reading to learn more:


Authoritative Backlinks

Credibility is more important than you’d think when it comes to ranking at the top of SEO results. Google’s algorithm determines the credibility of your content based on how many authoritative pages link back to yours. Earning a backlink from Deadline or The Verge is a prime example of boosting your site’s authority and relevance. 

Optimized Page Design

Gaining backlinks matters but there’s no point if people can’t navigate or enjoy your site. On-site optimization should be your next goal to top the Google search results. 

Start by reworking how people navigate your site. It shouldn’t take more than three clicks to reach any particular page. It shouldn’t take more than a click to reach your homepage or Contact page.

Page speed is another concern. People will leave if it takes more than a few seconds for a page to load. Address this by reducing the file size of images, removing unnecessary elements such as Flash videos, and removing auto-play videos.

Keyword Research

Good content will make or break your SEO efforts. Making good content, however, relies on using the right keywords. 

Don’t simply settle for high-volume keywords. You’ll face tight competition to rank for those keywords. Take advantage of low to mid-volume keywords too since these target niche users.

Working With the Best

It’s no secret that SEO requires a lot of work. You’ll spend time optimizing your pages, making content, and sharing that content. There are also tons of tools to pay for and manage.

You can get more done by working with a professional team. An SEO company has the tools, trained experts, knowledge of today’s SEO trends, and months or years of experience to guarantee impressive results. This also allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business!

Mobile-First Design

Did you know a majority of people nowadays access the Internet via their smartphones? The days of PC dominance are long gone now. People shop, browse for information and access online entertainment while on the go now.

This means your content and pages should follow a mobile-first direction. Cater to the largest crowd without sacrificing the experience for desktop users.

Now You Know How to Rank With These SEO Tips

Learning how to rank can seem like an uphill battle. Follow these tips to reach the top and beat the competition. Focus on mobile users, build good backlinks, make good content, and optimize your pages.

Achieve all this by working together with an expert SEO company.

Of course, getting to the top isn’t the endgame. Discover even more useful marketing and SEO tips and tricks by reading more of our guides today. 

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