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Here’s the Latest GBWhatsApp Update for Download


GBWhatsApp is arguably one of the better-known mods of WhatsApp, a popular app for messaging and video calls with friends from all over the world. What this mod does is to provide more features to WhatsApp users. Think of it as an extended version of WhatsApp.

What’s even more amazing is that the developer of GBWhatsApp constantly updates the app to add more features, fixes, and functionalities. Here’s GBWhatsApp latest update for your information.


GBWhatsApp Latest Update Is Available for Download

Right now we have GBWhatsApp Ver. 6.30 which has been constantly modified as we speak. Per updates posted by the developer, the latest app version looks mighty promising.

What’s Exclusive

For starters, the latest version contains features exclusive to the app. There’s the notification that lets you know which messages have been revoked. For instance, someone accidentally sent a message to you on WhatsApp and deleted it afterward. With the notification, you’ll know what the revoked message was.

You also won’t likely miss the description of group chats as they appear in headers. The heads-up for Android Oreo users have also been disabled.

New and Improved

The latest update also has new texting sounds and its base updated. As mentioned, descriptions for groups have been enabled thus their appearance as status in headers. You can also tag someone specifically so they’d be notified ofyour message.

On the latest GBWhatsApp, the auto reply feature has been improved with you being able to edit your automated reply message.

Aesthetically speaking, you’ll be able to customize and choose themes for group pages, broadcast pages, down to your own chat screen.

Version 6.30 contains more fixes plaguing earlier releases of GBWhatsApp. These fixes are implemented as deemed for the app to perform and look better.

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