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2018 Quick Guide to Downloading WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy


Indeed, there is a galaxy of devices under the Samsung Galaxy line. Whether you have S9, S8, or the older versions, one thing is important right now: How do you download and install WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy?

Let’s then explore how you can get started chatting away friends via WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy phone.


Download WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy

It’s really simple with the process requiring less than 10 steps. From your Home screen, tap Apps. On the Apps screen, tap Google Play Store and look up WhatsApp. On the app’s screen, select install and accept the app permissions. The download will commence and will install shortly.

You’ll receive an alert or prompt that the installation is completed. Open the app and enter your phone number. This number serves to permanently log you on so you are always in the loop, being notified of any calls or messages.

Using your Wifi, you can message friends and family, host video calls, receive multimedia files like videos, photos, GIFs, and more using your Samsung Galaxy.

Is WhatsApp Free for Samsung Galaxy?

Yes, it’s free for Samsung Galaxy and basically any other compatible devices out there.

WhatsApp once did a back and forth concerning subscription fees. But as of 2018, it’s completely free to use. Be very wary of alerts requiring you to upgrade for a certain subscription fee. That’s a scam, as widely reported, and the link to the notification may contain a threat to your phone.

You will incur charges, however, when you exceed your Samsung Galaxy’s mobile data limit to message or call via WhatsApp. It is the carrier, not WhatsApp, who will bill you the costs. Charges also apply when you are “roaming” or traveling outside your carrier’s coverage area and use WhatsApp on your Samsung Galaxy.

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