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Future of the Saints Row franchise compared to Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto V has been out for quite a while now and its success story can only be attributed to its massive multiplayer scene. When you compare that to the multiplayer options in other games of its genre, they’re either non-existent or purely co-op in nature.

As far as the Saints Row franchise is concerned though, it seems to be moving away from the gangster genre. We’re not saying that the GTA series were realistic in any way. But hey, the last couple Saints Row games have straight up been superhero games. Your characters have absurdly over powered abilities. It starts feeling like the enemies only spawn to be killed by you instead of having some other purpose. You’re the meat grinder.

But that’s not why we’re here writing about this game today. Saints Row has always lacked proper open world multiplayer. But considering how well off GTA V is, perhaps the people behind Saints Row wouldn’t mind exploring an online multiplayer setting.


Multiplayer in Saints Row

You can’t deny the success of GTA V in multiplayer. This is regardless of how you feel about multiplayer in general. It does seem like every new game has to have a multiplayer section. Grand Theft Auto V is still making money simply because of the online scene. It’s such a major part of GTA V’s revenue that Rockstar might implement it in one form or another in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Most of the side missions and map completion quests in Saints Row would be amazing in multiplayer. Yet, for one reason or another, players are not exactly fans of introducing a GTA-Style multiplayer in the Saints Row franchise. Primarily because of it might take development time away from the Co-op mode.

Having personally finished the last few Saints Row games with a friend, that’s one of my fears as well. Playing a game with your friends is a lot more satisfying when random people can’t just pick on you for pleasure. Some may say that’s all part of the game but things stop being fun very quickly when you’re on the receiving end of the pain.

Online Multiplayer vs Co-op mode

Do you guys have any preferences for when it comes to multiplayer in this genre? It does seem like Co-op has served the Saints Row series quite well. The issue in their titles has been purely because the franchisee has abandoned the original Saints Row, almost entirely. Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell should’ve just been DLCs for The Third.

Perhaps an Online Mode similar to what GTA has, but still Co-op in the sense that everyone would still be a member of ‘The Saints” would be much more viable than a simple free-for-all. The story could literally go anywhere from here on out though because let’s be honest… Once your main protagonists have been abducted by aliens and gone to hell… everything else is on the table too.

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