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Chromecast Makes It Easy To Watch Movies or TV On Your Xbox One


Most people don’t know it, but the Chromecast can be used with the Xbox One gaming console. No longer do you need to change inputs to watch a movie on the Chromecast once you’re done playing games.

When the Google Chromecast connected to the Xbox One via a second HDMI port, you can quickly set the device through the TV app in minutes. Microsoft’s gaming console comes with an extra HDMI port that lets you connect the Chromecast quickly and easily.


How To Stream Google Cast Through Your Xbox One Device

  • Connect the HDMI cable to both your Xbox One and Chromecast devices.
  • Open the TV app on your gaming console.
  • Hit “A” button to choose the “Connect your Cable or Satellite Box.”
  • Your Xbox One device will find your Google Cast device.
  • A tiny TV frame appears on the screen. Here, you’ll need to hit “Next.”
  • Another screen appears, and you’ll need to choose “Skip” and “Next” to set the Xbox Up to control the TV.
  • You’ll have to choose if you want the Xbox One to go to “Home” or go to the “TV app” when you begin. Stick with “Home” because you may not always want to watch TV when you close something else.
  • Hit “Next” to finalize the process.

If you want to stream something to the Xbox One from the Google Cast device, you don’t need change inputs. Just open its TV app up and watch movies from your smartphone or computer.

Have you ever streamed video content from your smartphone or any other Google Cast device to Xbox One? Do you think this is a good idea, which spears you from switching HDMI ports on your TV?

Introducing Google Chromecast Ultra

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And get to know what the device is all about.

Get to Know What Google Chromecast Is All About

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