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Hot Desks: The Office Version Of Musical Chairs

Did you know that in June, 42% of the American workforce was working from home?

Of course, Covid-19 has had a pretty big impact on that! Workplaces just aren’t as safe anymore and people are being told to stay home and work from their couch, bed, or home office. 

But this isn’t always easy, especially for team projects or work that just can’t be done at home. This has led to the term hot desks creating a bit of a buzz with the potential to change the game. 

Don’t know what this is? Let’s find out.


What Are Hot Desks?

Hot desks, also known as hot desking, is a system for workplaces where desks aren’t assigned to a single employee. Instead, they’re used by different people throughout the day, week, and month. So, whilst employee A might work at a certain desk on Monday morning, employee B works there on Monday afternoon when employee A has time off.

The general idea is that when you come into the office, you bring your things with you. You then find a desk, lay out your equipment, log into the computer, and get to work! When you’re done you log-off, pack up, and leave for another person to take your place. 

This isn’t just for permanent offices. It can also work in co-working spaces for those working at home who’d like to get outside a bit more. 

What is the Point of Hot Desking?

There are a number of reasons why employers want staff moving around the office, and it involves more than just sitting where you want! Although being able to get the desk nearest the heater on a cold day is definitely a perk.

The main benefit of hot desking is that employers can be more efficient with the space they have. Rather than having a desk in use for just 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, it has the potential to be in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By being clever with schedules, it means that employers can hire more staff without increasing office size.

There are also other benefits, including increasing social interaction amongst staff and encouraging more collaboration. Rather than just sitting teams together, everyone mingles on a daily basis and can share ideas much more easily. 

Hot Desking and Social Distancing

Social distancing is a major buzz word at the moment, and hot desking could make it easier to achieve in the workplace. Rather than not being allowed to have a full set of staff in, certain desks are active that are the right distance apart. Staff can be scheduled to come in when they’re needed rather than full time and pick one of these socially distanced desks to work at.

For those working at home, you can also go to a Covid friendly co-working space when you need to and hot desk safely. 

Suggest Hot Desking in Your Workplace

Hot desks could be about to change the game in your office. Suggest the idea to your team to improve space efficiency and stay safe during the pandemic.

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