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What Do These Numbers Mean? How to Read a Pay Stub Check

A pay stub check is the best way to keep track of your earnings and is helpful when you need proof of income to do things like purchasing a home or when turning in all your tax paperwork. But, what if you don’t know how to properly read your pay stub check or what you’re even looking at?

That’s what we’re here for; we will let you know what you’re reading and what the sections mean. By the time you’ve finished scrolling through this post, you’re never going to be confused about how to read your paycheck.


Your Earnings

The earning section of your paycheck will detail all the income you’ve made for that earning period. Not only is it going to detail the money you’ve paid, but it’s also going to detail your hourly rate and the money you made during overtime or holiday hours.

This section will also show any money you earned while using sick pay and the number of hours you worked during that pay period.

Tax Withholdings

Another aspect of your pay stub that you need to pay attention to is the tax withholdings. The tax withholdings will show how much of your check was taken out to go towards both your federal and state tax.

Ensuring the right amount of taxes are taken out for each pay period will make it easier when it’s time to file your taxes during that particular tax season. When you don’t have the right amount of taxes removed from your check, it can cause issues and leave you owing the IRS money.

This section will also show the taxes that your employer removes for things like your social security, company insurance, unemployment, and more.

Insurance Costs

As stated above, company insurance will show under the employer taxes, but some deductions will be taken out to cover your company insurance. If you’ve chosen to get dental, vision, and health insurance through your company, that will be deducted from your pay stubs.

The amount deducted will depend on the number of people you need to cover under the insurance.

What To Do If You’re Self-Employed?

Knowing how to read your paycheck stub is incredibly essential, but where are you supposed to get a stub if you’re self-employed. If you’re self-employed, the only thing that you can do is create your own pay stubs.

You can use sites that offer pay stub templates to create your paycheck stub; all you’ve got to do is click here.

Pay Stub Check: What Do I Need to Know?

When it comes to your pay stub check knowing how to read it is essential. You’ll want to know how much money you’re making and how much money is coming out of your check every pay period.

Now that you understand what’s on your paycheck, we think you should take some time to check out some of our other posts. There are tons of other articles we know you’ll enjoy.

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