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How Time Clock Software Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Do you have a good sense of the level of day-to-day productivity at your business, or do you just think you do? It may trouble you to find out that during an eight-hour day, the average worker is only productive for about three hours.

The future success of any business is largely dependent on the productivity of its employees. This means you need the right tools in place in order to track this.

If your business is still using antiquated timesheets to log employee hours, it’s time for an upgrade. Switching to time clock software will allow you to streamline the efficiency in your office.

Let’s go over the benefits of using automated time and attendance software.


Boost Overall Efficiency

In order for your business to function efficiently, you need to know time isn’t getting wasted on tasks and projects. If it is, it may be time to reevaluate an employee’s role.

Time tracking software does more than just log when an employee arrives and leaves the office. It can help determine how much time it takes to finish tasks.

This will help you and your staff members implement better time management skills. You can then set standards for certain tasks and tell if a particular employee is wasting time and falling behind.

Another advantage of automated software is that it helps employees clock in and out with ease. If you’re using outdated systems, employees may often have to wait to punch in and out. This is both a drain on productivity and finances

In addition, using outdated software or manually tracking hours means your payroll and accounting departments are frequently adjusting timesheets to account for missed punches or glitches. Doesn’t it seem like their time is better spent on other things?

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Cut Down on Payroll Errors

Mistakes can and will happen, especially if you’re handling your finances manually. A huge benefit of using time tracking software is the reduction of costly, time-consuming errors in your payroll and accounting departments.

The great thing about this software is you can link it to your payroll system. This drastically reduces the chance of confusion when it comes to employee hours.

You’ll avoid overpaying staff members and give payroll the ability to track and manage time off more effectively. Your payroll department will enjoy the ease with which they can successfully perform their jobs.

Payroll errors can turn into a huge headache very quickly. These errors could require a huge amount of work to fix. The right software will ensure you avoid these situations so your team can focus on more important tasks.

Time management programs also help ensure each employee gets taxed accordingly. The last thing you need is legal issues arising.

Get a Tighter Grip on Finances

As a business owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to cut costs. Investing in new time clock software may not seem worth it. However, there’s a good chance money is evaporating into thin air without you knowing.

When taking into account an employee’s vacation, sick days and PTO, there’s a good chance hours will fall through the cracks. With automated time and attendance systems, you know you’re not losing money on missing hours.

This software can also provide information on projected labor costs. Exporting data will help you determine if you’re over or understaffing your office during slow and busy seasons. You can then make adjustments to create a lean, cost-effective operation.

Automated time management software can also help you get a handle on overtime hours. This is important if your employees must get approval before working over forty hours a week.

Sometimes employees don’t know they’ve exceeded forty hours, or purposely continue working in order to receive overtime pay. However, new software will alert you when an employee is close to reaching overtime.

Streamline the Payroll Process

Regardless of the size of your business, time and attendance programs can cut the payroll process in half.

It’s important for growing businesses to consider this. As your staff grows, you’ll need tools in place to help manage time tracking requirements. Instead of hiring more employees or increasing the workload of your payroll department, implement the right software.

No more manually entering hours and fixing timesheets. No more confusion over an employee’s handwriting when deciphering fixes to their hours.

Instead, your payroll department will have automated tools that do these jobs for them. Not only will this increase employee morale, but it will also cut down on wasted resources.

Software will also speed up processing times with regard to employee payouts. This helps avoid conflict and increases employee retention.

By eliminating unnecessary tasks from your payroll department, it gives them the opportunity to help in other ways. With access to payroll reports, they can determine where your business is wasting money and resources. You can then make changes to your infrastructure to enhance the productivity and cost-effectiveness of day-to-day operations.

Stop Employee Fraud

The last thing any business owner wants to think about is their employees taking advantage of them. Unfortunately, it happens.

There are a few ways employees can commit time clock fraud.

One common tactic is to have other employees clock them in when they’re running late. Not only is this unfair to other employees, but you’re also paying someone for nothing.

With automated time management software, you put an end to this. Programs are available that require a unique ID badge or fob to log in and out. This means an employee must be present to punch in.

Some employees may intentionally try to get overtime hours when they’re not approved for them. Your software will alert you when an employee is reaching their maximum amount of approved hours.

Streamline Your Business with Time Clock Software

There’s an overwhelming number of things a business owner must account for on a daily basis. You owe it to yourself and the well-being of your organization to invest in software that makes things easier.

By utilizing time clock software, you ensure money isn’t disappearing little by little. This software also helps set a solid foundation for future growth.

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