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How to Backup a File and 5 Other Data Storage Tips You Need to Know

From the biggest business to the average citizen, data and security are two words that are on a lot of people’s minds. These days, so much is in our data that keeping it safe has to be one of our top priorities.

There are many potent ways to keep your data safe and today we will go over the basics such as how to backup a file so you can be safe at last.

The more you ignore the potential dangers of data loss, the higher the chance it may happen to you. 


How to Backup a File

The basics of file protection and recovery start with the idea of backing up files. What does it mean to backup your files?

The concept of file backup can be as simple as saving your file to more than one place. As long as you have access to a separate copy of the file, you are good to go.

What is the best way to backup a file? Are there any other backup ideas you should think about? Yes and let’s cover them now. 

1. USB Drives

USB drives are small and easy to carry devices that can now store a surprising amount of data. They can be cheap, but you might want to invest in a solid one for quality.

Once you plug the USB drive, you can copy files over to it. This also allows you to transport files that are too large to send via email. 

2. External Hard Drives

For the major transfer, you will need a bigger system. External hard drives are an entire extra hard drive. These can craft an exact duplicate of your hard drive, saving a massive amount of data at a time.

Backing up and managing data are the purpose of external hard drives. Because of this, it often has protections to prevent it from damage and attacks. 

3. Cloud Storage Services

The Cloud has been the biggest new software technology this decade. It is a system that is all on servers far away from you. It is often a paid system, though basic versions do exist.

The Cloud functions as a massive backup. The servers have encryptions and the companies that provide the Cloud service manages and services them. 

Cloud systems come with guarantees of quality and protection and with the service you can have easy access to your files from anywhere. This means even if you lost your entire computer system, your data would be safe. 

4. Backup Early, Backup Often

Backups only help if they happen before disaster strikes. As such, you want to make sure you either have a constant backup or it is a frequent routine.

Cloud services often have live data backup for this very reason. A simple save to both your regular data storage and your backup data files will often be all you need.

5. The Key to Data Recovery

Backing up your data is good, but you also need a way to get it back. Data recovery is more complex than you might think. With hardware destruction or a cyberattack, you might need to do more than transfer files over.

Getting the Most From Your Technology

Now that you know how to backup a file and other tips toward keeping your files safe, you feel safer and be confident in the future. Whether your data is piles of company resources or sentimental personal effects, you can keep it safe.

Keeping up to date on tech updates and key information can be hard. You don’t need to worry, though, because we at Donklephant have guides and news to keep you informed. Check out our other articles today!

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