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How to Create More Innovative Offices in Your Coworking Space Remodel

There are many innovative offices in your city, but you want your space to stand out from all the rest. However, redesigning co-working spaces isn’t always easy.

There are only so many different types of amenities you can add—ones that your competitors might have already. Desks and couches can only be redone in so many forms.

How do you stand out from the competition? 

Keep reading for 8 great tips on how to make your co-working spaces truly unique and innovative. 


1. Know Your Customers

Who is your target market? No really, who? 

Do the people in your city drive or take the subway? What types of projects are they working on when they enter your innovative offices? 

What is their favorite restaurant? Are they a night owl or early bird? Introvert or extrovert?

These questions may seem silly, but in reality, the answers can have a significant impact on your co-working space remodel. 

After defeating the wave of rush hour traffic, driving customers won’t be in the mood to search everywhere for a parking space.

Some workers may need additional equipment or software. Do you have it to offer them?  

Customers are your friends; they keep your business thriving. Make sure to know them like a friend so you can serve them in the best way possible. 

2. Tailor Everything to Productivity

People come to your space to be productive. This makes it important for you to make sure you give them the most productive experience possible.

Consider sending out a survey to gather more information on what makes your customers the most productive and least productive.

Then, consider how you can create innovative offices based on their feedback to help make your co-working environment as efficient as possible. 

For example, if customers say that instrumental music helps them focus, then put together playlists of calm music as a resource for workers to access. 

3. Prioritize Health

Healthy habits are important to the well-being and energy of your customers. It is important for innovative offices to prioritize this aspect so workers are able to achieve maximum productivity. 

While a gym would be great, there are plenty of cost-friendly alternatives to consider. For example, rather than vending machines, implement mini-refrigerators filled with free water bottles (not soda). 

Speaking of health—consider using a universal swing gate to help keep your customers as safe as possible while you make ongoing updates to your co-working spaces. 

4. Create a Positive Environment

The best coworking spaces create a positive experience for their workers. However, even if you have all the amenities, co-working spaces need to be kept positive. 

Just as in a traditional business setting, negative co-workers who spread gossip or are inconsiderate of others can be energy-draining and take away from the professional setting your customers need to focus.

Make sure to establish and enforce good policies that protect the mental energy of your customers so that they will have a positive experience with your spaces.

5. Redo the Walls and Floor

Few things speak “new space” more than new space itself. Depending on how you upgrade, you can make your innovative office appear brand new. 

For example, if your floors don’t match the furniture, then consider upgrading the space to something that works well with the aesthetics. Or if your walls are looking worn, consider repainting. 

6. Use Space Hacks

Space—a key trait of innovative offices. The more you have of it, the better off you’ll be. Here’s a quick tip on the topic “how to double space in open office”.

Utilize vertical space. For example, instead of purchasing coatracks that take up floor space, consider adding hooks along the walls for people to hang up their things. 

Another way to create more space is to get rid of unnecessary items. Is there a wobbly chair that no one ever uses? Then don’t let it take up your valuable co-working space.  

7. Cultivate Creativity

Some workers may have creative tendencies. This makes it great to establish innovative offices that take this into account. One way is to offer a variety of office supplies. 

Instead of offering only blue and black pens at your desks, consider throwing in some pink and green options into the mix. You can also do the same with highlighters, staplers, etc. 

If your co-working space includes company computers, then refresh their backgrounds and color schemes every so often to give it a new look. 

8. Offer Private Spaces

While community spaces can be awesome, some workers may want a quiet spot to focus if they’re working on something intense.

Others might need to take an important phone call with a client and can’t afford to be interrupted by other co-workers or background noise. 

Make sure to offer enough private space so that all your customers will have the environment they need to thrive in.

Extra rooms can make a great addition, but if you’re on a smaller budget, consider making more of this space by rearranging shelving so that a desk space can be created behind it or offer free noise cancellation earbuds.

Designing the Best Innovative Offices

Creating unique and productive spaces for your building is not an impossible endeavor. And by considering the tips mentioned above, you’re setting up your spaces to stand out and be enjoyed by everyone who accesses your innovative offices. 

Looking for more customers to access your space? Then consider listing your location on our site! We’d be happy to help you with your co-working endeavors.

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