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How to Efficiently Prioritize and Organize Help Desk Tickets

Did you know that customers are willing to spend much more if they get a good customer service experience with a company? Having a help desk system is essential for answering questions, providing order details, and routing issues through different levels of support.

Have you ever wondered how you can better optimize and organize your help desk tickets? Here are some tips for managing the workload so you respond to customers in a timely and informative manner.


Establish Priority Levels

When it comes to your IT help desk, sometimes first in, first out is not always the best way to respond to tickets. This is why you need to have set priority levels that your team can focus on.

One example of a high-priority ticket is an overdue order. Even if there are other questions about orders in the queue, you need to organize tickets so you can respond to the overdue orders first.

Offer Alternatives to Tickets

To cut down on the number of tickets that your team receives, it is a good idea to offer other ways of communication. Customers should be able to call in so that agents can answer their questions quickly and they will not have to type out a response.

In addition, chatbots are becoming much more common for customers to use before submitting a help ticket. Often, these chatbots are programmed to answer common questions when they receive information. For instance, you can have a chatbot answer the status of an order once it receives an order number.

Change Your Workflows

If you have a larger team, it may be more efficient to break up your tickets for different workflows. Try sorting tickets into different departments, such as order questions, product inquiries, and other categories.

You can also create groups in applications such as Microsoft Teams and take care of your ticketing through the software. Click for team ticketing and to learn more.

Evaluate Types of Tickets

You should regularly run reports to see which types of tickets you receive the most. This process can help you to establish priority levels and determine ongoing issues that need to be fixed.

For example, if you get a lot of tickets regarding a function of the website, it does not make sense to just keep answering them with a workaround. You can relay that information to the appropriate team to make changes that will fix it for good.

Organize Your Help Desk Tickets Today

You should not have to feel overwhelmed by your company’s help desk tickets. With these tips, you can have an organization system for your team tickets and start getting them resolved more quickly.

Want to learn more about how you can optimize your workspace so that your company operates at peak efficiency? Check out our site for more ideas and inspiration to bring your workplace to the next level.

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