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The Differences Between SIM and VOIP Numbers

At one time, the only option you had, if you wanted to make a phone call, was to pick up a landline and hope that someone else wasn’t already using the phone. Phone technology has changed radically over the past few decades, and you can call someone from pretty much anywhere. You can even have multiple phone numbers attached to one phone!

That’s right, we’re talking about VOIP numbers. Curious how they differ from SIM numbers? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this awesome technology.


What Is a SIM Number?

You’ve spent a lot of time researching smartphones to figure out which one is the best for your needs. When you go to your cell phone carrier’s store and make the purchase, you might notice that they pop a little card into the phone before activating your service. That card is a SIM card, and it contains information about your account, including your phone number. 

Your cell phone carrier uses information from the SIM to generate your cell phone bill because they track all of the calls and texts that you make. If you want to swap devices, all you need to do is pop out the SIM card and add it to a new device. Easy, right?

What Are VOIP Numbers?

VOIP numbers are totally different from SIM card-based numbers. It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it’s a real phone number assigned to a person, but it’s not necessarily tied to a particular device. Instead, you utilize the internet to make and receive calls. 

Some common examples of VOIP numbers in real life include Google Voice and Skype. All you need to do is log into the app from any capable device, and you’re able to make and receive phone calls. Some services also allow you to make video calls and send text messages.

Should You Use a VOIP Service?

Depending on your needs, getting on board with a VOIP service is a great decision. This is especially true for people who are tired of lugging around multiple cell phones for work and home. With a VOIP service, you’ll have everything you need in one place, which is a time and space-saver.

That said, there are some SIM-based services like that help you with temporary phone numbers for things like account verification text messages on social media. You cannot use VOIP numbers for that purpose. 

Which Type of Phone Number Will You Choose?

When it comes to phone numbers, you have a ton of options in today’s marketplace.

VOIP numbers give you the flexibility you need to separate your home and work phones without having to purchase separate phones altogether. It’s also possible to have both a SIM number and multiple VOIP numbers, as well! Technology just keeps making our lives easier.

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