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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Home

The United States generates over 6,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases every year. Learning how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your household helps you do your part to remedy this environmental calamity.

You need a multifaceted approach to greenhouse gas reduction in your home. Only through diversifying your environmental strategy can you achieve adequate greenhouse gas reduction goals.

So how can you start making your home less emission-intensive? Start by analyzing the information in this guide. Here, we discuss ways to reduce your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. Read on to find out all you need to know.


Start Recycling at Home

Most of the trash you throw out ends up in a landfill. A large proportion of this gets burned in an incinerator. Trash combustion is one of the most toxic greenhouse gas sources. Start recycling if you don’t do so already.

Recycling also provides a source of raw materials for new consumer goods. Reusing materials helps reduce the greenhouse gases emitted during the resource extraction process for new materials.

Conduct a Home Energy Audit

Find out how much energy your household uses. Source the biggest energy sinks and try to correct them. Learn how much energy your home uses and how. Doing so allows you to focus on creating a more efficient household.

For instance, if you find out that your home heating/cooling uses the most energy, you can correct the problem. Things like adding more insulation and energy-efficient windows are some solutions.

Be Energy Smart Around Your Home

The less energy your household uses, the fewer carbon emissions it produces. Doing little things to reduce your overall energy usage can make a big difference in greenhouse gas emissions.

Turn off the lights when you walk out of a room, take shorter showers, and put on a sweatshirt instead of turning on the heat. Little actions such as this can make your home much more energy-efficient. 

Source Renewable Energy

Your home produces more greenhouse gases if its power source is fossil fuel-based. Switching to renewable energy sources is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your home’s carbon emissions.

Solar power is one of your best options. By installing solar panels, you can liberate your home from the power company and help reduce emissions at the same time. Contact a solar panel installation specialist for a free consultation.

Buy Renewable Products

Every time you purchase a petroleum-based product, you’re adding to the overall amount of greenhouse gases your household is responsible for. Purchasing products made from renewable sources is a better choice.

Find Out How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

When learning how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there are countless options you can utilize. The examples provided in this guide are a great start for making your household carbon neutral.

Use this guide as a jumping-off point to make your home an eco-friendly residence. By reducing your greenhouse gases, you can help alleviate the effects of climate change. Check back with our site for other great info!

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