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How to Set up a Business Phone Number (The Easy Way)

Every business needs to make every dollar count, which is why traditional phone plans are phasing out. Cloud phone systems are a better option for the majority of businesses out there. Getting a business phone number will make you stand out from those businesses that are only using their cell phone to take personal and professional calls.

Keep reading to learn how simple it is to set up a business line. 


Choosing VoIP

Before you can receive calls from customers you have to choose the right business phone system for your needs. Thanks to the internet you have the option of Voice over IP or VoIP. Traditional phone networks are no longer needed thanks to living in times where we are always connected to the internet.

Calls that are made over the internet are unlimited and cheaper. Another benefit of choosing this option is that the sound is much clearer than a traditional phone. Research the companies in your area that can set up your VoIP system and can also perform IVR testing to make sure everything is working correctly.

Small businesses like the option of making and receiving calls from a separate business line while still using their own cell phone. This makes it convenient for those that travel a lot for business or are rarely at the office.

Keep in mind that typically prices start at around $20 per line compared to $50+ per line with traditional lines. 

Business Phone Number

Once you choose your VoIP provider you will have the option of choosing a business phone number. You can opt for a local phone number or a toll-free number. If you have a business phone number you have been using, you have the option of porting this number into your new provider without any interruptions. 


If you have multiple departments and employees then adding extensions to your plan might be well worth it. This will give your customers a better experience because they can reach someone that can help them right from the beginning instead of waiting on hold or getting transferred around. 

Instead of using separate phone numbers, you will have one main phone line that everyone calls and then the customer can dial the extension of the department or employee they need to reach. Using extensions will cost less than having multiple phone numbers for one business and it will also make your business appear to be a larger company even if you only have two employees.

Ready for Your Business Line?

Now that you know more about your options when it comes to choosing a business phone number, you can make an informed decision on what is best for your needs. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that your phone number decision works for you and your business. 

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