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iPad 2017 vs. iPad Air 2 – Who Will Win The Battle of The iPads?


Until recently, the iPad Air 2 lineup was the one that dominated the market for Apple tablets. However, 2017 was greeted with the exciting launch of the much-coveted iPad. Yep, just iPad. Apple chose to stick with such a simple name for its new device in order to indicate the concept behind the launch, namely that the new iPad is accessible to everyone.

This is justified by the affordable price point (at least as far as Apple products are concerned). The new Apple table comes strong on the market at a mere 329 dollars.

If you already own an iPad Air 2, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should upgrade to the new iPad 2017. If you’re seriously considering it, here’s a short comparison to help you decide where your money’s at.

iPad 2017 vs. iPad Air 2

In terms of display and specs, the new iPad is just slightly better than the iPad Air 2. The display is basically the same, but the iPad’s battery is bigger and thus provides better battery life. The iPad 2017 also has a better processor, but only by a little.

All in all, the iPad 2017 and the older iPad Air 2 are very comparable and similar. This lack of much upgrading on the part of the new device can be justified by the affordable price point, though.

After all, you can’t get a device that is such a bargain as far as money’s concerned and expect it to be the most revolutionary one of its kind. If you’re looking for advanced tech and impressive new features, then it’s better you wait for the upcoming launch of the iPad Pro 2. However, if you’re an avid Apple fan and want to try out the new iPad 2017, go for it. It’s a pretty good tablet.

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