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Adobe Flash Player Update Comes with Fixes and Extra Features


It’s no secret that Adobe Flash Player is the standard for any quality browsing experience. Almost all dynamic media on the Internet nowadays requires some version of Flash Player to be installed in order for it to load. And while the program has received its fair share of criticism, especially due to various security vulnerabilities it subjected its users to, Adobe are trying their best to fix every little bug, oddity or threat and improve Flash Player’s quality as much as they can.

New Update Improves Adobe Flash Player

The new update, which comes under number, aims to do just that. The update turns Adobe Flash Player into an even more useful tool than before due to it implementing advanced compression technology. This lowers bandwidth and offers a HD video experience with high-fidelity text (due to the advanced text rendering option the program also sports now).

On top of that, the new and upgraded Adobe Flash Player now has real-time dynamic effects at its disposal, as well as filters such as Glow, Gradient, Bevel, Drop Shadow and many, many more. Pretty cool, huh? And it doesn’t stop here. Blend modes are also highly improved since the previous version of Flash Player, and the tool now supports new image formats it didn’t before.

The new version of Adobe Flash Player is available for download, so you can get it up and running on your computer whenever you want. The program sums up to 19.8MB in size for Opera, Windows and Safari, while Internet Explorer has a slightly smaller download of only 19.3MB. However, the difference is not that substantial, and the program overall is not something that will ever eat up too much space on your computer.

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