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iPad vs. Surface: Which Is the Better Tablet?

Did you know that Apple has sold over 500 million iPads in the last decade? Thanks to its advanced processing power and range of apps, the Apple iPad has been the go-to device for many people.

However, many office professionals are now choosing the Microsoft Surface. After all, if you are a MS 365 customer, why not choose the device which handles your favorite programs the best?

Where do you stand on the iPad vs Surface debate? If you are thinking of investing in one of these devices but have not made your mind up yet, why not read on to get some vital facts?


Design & Functionality

If design and intuitiveness are the keys for you when making a decision on the Microsoft Surface vs iPad debate, then we have to call a draw. Both are incredibly beautiful and easy to learn even for tablet novices.

In the surface weight vs iPad weight debate, we also have to call it a draw. There is just a 0.1-pound weight difference between the two tablets. Both have impressive Bluetooth functionality.

However, if the ability to connect media to your tablet is important, we would recommend the MS Surface. It offers a full-size USB port and microSD. This not only allows you to significantly increase the storage capacity of your device but also to easily use your surface as the main office machine with a mouse and other peripherals.

If you are concerned about the longevity of the Surface, why not research how to fix broken Surface devices? You might find that the rumors have been exaggerated.

Admin and Management Work

Few devices can match the beauty of the iPads retina display which offers 2048 x 1536 resolution. This is far beyond the quality of the Surface screen.

If you are looking to access your business files and manage spreadsheets on the move, you will likely choose the Surface. Its version of Excel and other office file types far exceeds that of the iPad.

However, if you are looking to write and manage creative projects such as freehand drawing or typing using the on-screen keyboard the quality of the iPad’s screen will likely help you make your decision.


If you need to constantly communicate with others using Outlook, MS Teams, and other messaging applications, you should likely go with the Surface.

The collaboration between the MS Office tools on a windows device is so tight that you will likely save much time when on the move. While the iPad does allow you to use the MS 265 suite, it expects you to first consider iCloud as your storage location and pushes MS365 to second place.

That’s not the ideal situation if your entire business is on 365.

iPad vs Surface: Which One is Right For You?

If you have been wondering which device to go for, you now know the pros and cons of both. While the iPad vs Surface debate will likely rage on, however, you can choose the device that will meet your business needs.

If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, we recommend that you check out our blog page for more information.

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