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iPhone 5 Will No Longer Receive iOS Updates


Naturally, as technology progresses and operating systems become more and more advanced, it’s a given that devices that once supported them will no longer be able to sport the new updated versions. And with Apple moving on into the future and already planning on a future release of iOS 11 (although iOS 10 just dropped months ago), it’s only natural that some older iPhones will no longer be able to support new versions of the OS.

However, the change will not occur starting with iOS 11, but rather from iOS 10.3.1 onwards. According to Go4it, the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5C are the last of their kind to sport 32-bit chipsets and thus the new iOS update (10.3.2) will no longer be available on them. This decision on the part of Apple is anything but surprising to be honest, given how old and frankly obsolete the devices are becoming.

However, it’s not clear yet why Apple chose to stop the updates now instead of waiting for iOS 11 to launch. Given the recent developments, it seems that the iPhone 5S and SE will be the only iPhone 4-inch display smartphones to receive further software updates. Other older models that will still receive iOS updates in the future are the 6, 6S and the brand-new iPhone 7. These have 4.7 and 5.5 inch displays.

The decision is still somewhat strange considering that 32-bit apps from the AppStore will still be compatible with the new iOS 11, as per the company’s current announcements. Who knows, maybe Apple decided it was time to take a step forward and stop the updates on old models, just how Google is rumored to do as well. We’re not sure whether this decision is a good one or not yet. We’ll just have to wait and see how this whole thing evolves.

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