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iPhone 8 Brings Huge Amounts of Money for Samsung


Don’t get confused, of course Samsung wants that its Galaxy S8 to become the best phone on the market but, it turns out the iPhone 8 could be the device of the year for the company, and we’ll explain you why.

The reason is the fact that it could be able to bring huge amounts of money for Samsung, brand new streams of revenue which are probably going to exceed the Galaxy 8 sales.

Samsung has revealed earlier this year that despite the massive financial hit of Galaxy Note 7, the numbers turned out to be better than expected and the reason was the growing semiconductor business. Samsung felt that the OLED displays will definitely know more growth throughout the year. The company is planning in converting more other companies to OLED displays, just like the ones featured by its devices. It seems that the Galaxy S8 boasts the best OLED display on the market.

The iPhone 8 might also come with a similar screen and, according to an Asian report it seems that the iPhone maker has signed a two-year contract with Samsung’s Display unit for getting OLED supplies. The deal involves $9 billion.

ETNews says that Samsung Display will ship 70 to 92 million OLED screens to Apple during the course of this year, meaning that the iPhone 8 might account for 30% of Apple’s total sales. Apple usually sales more than 200 million iPhones every year.

Samsung currently rules the market for smartphone OLED displays with a 95% share, even if the number of its competitors is increasing. They include LG Display, Japan Display and other Chinese companies.

It seems that some of Apple’s competitors are also planning on offering OLED options for their customers, so we can expect a growing number of high-end devices with OLED screens. Besides signing a two-year OLED deal with Apple, this is also great news for Samsung, considering that it’s the only company with enough resources for handling extra demands later on.

So you see, it turns out that the iPhone 8 really has the potential of becoming more important for Samsung even than its own Galaxy S8.

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