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Is OGYouTube Dead? Use VidMate as an Alternative


YouTube remains to be everyone’s favorite video sharing website. However, saving and downloading videos is still impossible for this site.

That’s why some users look for options that will allow them to. It can be through third-party websites or mobile applications.

Among the popular choices for people to download their favorite YouTube videos is through OGYouTube. Lately, users have been speculating whether this application still exists.


Is OGYouTube dead? Let’s Find out

Some Reddit users have been discussing what possibly happened to OGYoutube. For some, they have been getting a prompt that says “unable to connect server” and was not able to successfully download videos from YouTube.

Such predicament led users to speculate on the matter. For some, it could be that YouTube changed their API. Others are betting that it has something to do with copyright or Google’s changes.

However, these things remain as rumors since OGYouTube themselves has not released any news confirming or denying this matter.

Can We Use VidMate as Alternative?

The thing about YouTube downloaders is that it’s not the only option available for users. There are quite a lot of acceptable applications that are good alternatives to OGYoutube.

One of those alternatives is VidMate. It comes with features that allow users to download videos from YouTube for free. Here are some of those great features:

  • Fast video downloading experience!
  • Easily stream movies in-app.
  • Also allows Live TV streaming of over 200 channels.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Most importantly, it’s free!

For those who are thinking about installing VidMate as an alternative to OGYouTube, make sure to download the app’s APK file. Despite being a great Youtube downloading app, it is still not available for direct installation through Google Play Store.

When you’re about to install the APK file to your Android device, always set your phone’s settings by enabling downloads and installations from unknown sources. Before you know it, you can enjoy seamless video downloading experience again!

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