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Just My Type: 5 Cool Alternative Keyboards

Whether you’re typing a paper for school, a document for work, or a fun project in your personal time, we all spend a massive amount of time typing.

Even if you’re one of the world’s fastest typers, clicking away at 216 words per minute, using the same old keyboard can get a little boring after a while.

So why not find something a bit more fun? Here are five cool keyboards you need to check out if you’re serious about your typing.


1. Qwerkywriter S

The average mechanical keyboard feels pretty satisfying. But when push comes to shove, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the click and clack of an old-school typewriter.

If you’re looking to get the best of both worlds, the Qwerkywriter S is the perfect keyboard for you.

It isn’t the first of its type (pun partially intended) but it is one of the most cost-effective and efficient models out there. This classic keyboard will set you back $259 before tax, but it’s about as close to a true typewriter as you can get.

It even features a programmable return bar if you miss that oh-so-satisfying ding.

2. The Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard

There are plenty of fun keyboards on this list, but none are as cool and unique as the Tap Strap. As the name would suggest, it’s a keyboard that you can wear around your fingers.

Sensors within the device allow users to turn any surface into a keyboard, so you can type anywhere on anything as long as you have a device.

Admittedly, typing on the device takes some getting used to, so be prepared for a steep learning curve. And it isn’t the most accurate device on the market.

But it’s unique and fascinating enough that we recommend checking it out.

3. AGS Virtual Keyboard

If your biggest complaint about your keyboard is that it isn’t made of lasers, boy do we have the new keyboard for you.

You read that right. This keyboard uses laser technology and a Bluetooth connection to allow you to turn any flat surface into a keyboard, finally making your virtual office fully virtual.

The battery life isn’t the best, but that’s a small price to pay to write on literal lasers.

4. The Seafarer Steampunk Keyboard

It doesn’t get much more beautiful than the Seafarer. In fact, the Seafarer is less of a keyboard and more of a centerpiece.

This gorgeous piece of tech features a cast brass design and beautiful map-style artwork beneath the keys, as well as typewriter-style keys for a hard to beat tactile feel.

Of course, it’ll also set you back $1,599 on Amazon, so be prepared to pay a pretty penny for this work of art.

5. The Razer Huntsman Elite

After a day of work or school, sometimes you just want to sit back and unwind with some games. But no gaming session is complete without the best gaming gear.

It all begins with a high-tech keyboard worthy of your skill.

The Razer Huntsman Elite is the premier gaming keyboard, with backlit keys, and opto-mechanical keys to speed up keystrokes.

The Elite is so advanced it features built-in cloud technology so you can preset your keybindings for your favorite games and switch at a moment’s notice.

Type Away With These Cool Keyboards

If you’re tired of your bland old keyboard, it doesn’t get much better than these five cool keyboards. From the luxurious to the futuristic, this list has something that every typist can enjoy.

So click away!

To really customize your experience, you can even build your own PC. Check out our guide here.

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