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Master Windows: 10 Tips and Tricks for Window 10

Microsoft has all but confirmed that Windows 10 is here to stay until at least 2025. So, it’s definitely not too late to master Windows and learn some new tips to streamline your workflow.

If you use a computer or laptop with the Windows 10 operating system, either for work or play, you could be missing out on some extremely useful tools that are included in the system. 

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s biggest update so far, so it comes with tons of handy new upgrades that you might not be aware of yet! Upgrades that could save you a lot of time and headaches.

So, here are 10 handy tips to help you master Windows 10, whether you use Windows 10 for work or personal purposes.


1. Utilize One Drive for Constant Cloud Syncing

One of the best things you can do for your digital security and peace of mind is to back up your files on a cloud system. That way, even if you spill a cup of coffee on your laptop and your external hard drives, you still have your files.

Microsoft has made backing up to the cloud incredibly easy with the inclusion of One Drive on Windows 10.

When you’re signed into One Drive, everything you’re working on is backed up. This also means you can access all of your files across several Windows devices and can easily share files with colleagues over Microsoft 365.

2. Set Up Cortana Digital Assistance

Amazon has Alexa, Apple has Siri, Google has Google Assistant and Microsoft has Cortana. If you want to truly master Windows 10, you need to master Cortana.

Cortana is similar to many other AI assistants. You can ask Cortana to set reminders, ask for the time in a specific timezone, ask what’s on your schedule, and for recommendations depending on your location.

You can program Cortana to answer only your voice, including when your device is locked. Cortana works better the more you use it, so don’t neglect it!

3. Customize the Start Menu

Using Windows 10 is more intuitive than ever, and that’s primarily because so much can be customized. Particularly the Start menu.

Firstly, you can customize the Start menu by dragging the right side of the menu to make it wider or narrower, displaying your preferred number of tiles.

You can also ‘pin’ any program you want to the tiled section of your Start menu. Scroll through your list of apps using the menu and right-click on any you want to pin. Click ‘Pin to Start.’

Tiles can also be moved around by dragging them and they can be unpinned from the top of the Start menu, too.

This is one of the most simple Windows 10 tips to implement, but one that could save you the most time. Now, you don’t have to scroll or search for apps you use all the time.

4. Make Use of Task Manager

For those who remember Windows 7 and backward, the dreaded Task Manager would appear whenever you executed the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard shortcut. Task Manager was necessary when a program froze so you could force close it, but that was about it.

If you want to properly master Windows 10, you should learn more about the updated Task Manager. It manages all your applications and processes and should be your first port of call if you’re having an issue with your computer.

Task Manager can tell you which processes are using all your resources, why your computer is running slowly or why your computer is taking too long to start up. It’s also where you can kill any programs or change their settings.

But you don’t need to use Ctrl+Alt+Del anymore! Simply right-click on the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

5. Convert Documents Easily

One of the simplest Windows 10 tricks is also one of the most useful. Converting documents, especially Microsoft word documents to pdf, is one of the most common conversions and it’s extremely easy to do in Windows 10.

Now, you don’t have to ask colleagues to send you a document as a pdf if that’s the format you need. If you have a word document, simply click ‘Save As’ and choose ‘pdf’ or another of the options from the drop-down menu. 

Converting documents, understanding where are screenshots saved and printing is now so much easier once you master Windows 10. 

6. Night Light and Notification Control

Windows 10 comes with a lot of different settings so you can control what you can see and when.

In the ‘System’ section of the Settings app, you can control and personalize how bright you want your screen at certain parts of the day. This includes night light to help with eye strain in the evening.

And if you don’t like your emails pinging at the corner of your screen throughout the day disrupting your focus, you can turn them off at certain times so you’re not distracted.

7. Connect to Your Xbox

If you’re a gamer, there are tons of features that will help you master Windows as well as your Xbox. Simply connect your Xbox app on your Windows device to your Xbox console and you’re good to go.

You can use the Xbox chatbox on your PC and use your computer as a second screen. If you want to screen record your gameplay, press the ‘windows’ key and ‘G’ to enable this function.

8. Keyboard Shortcuts

With every Windows update, there are more and better keyboard shortcuts. These Windows 10 shortcuts will improve your workflow and help you work more efficiently.

Everyone knows Ctrl+Z to undo, Ctrl+X to cut, Ctrl+C to copy, etc. but there are some new handy shortcuts so you can master Windows 10.

Ctrl+ a number will allow you to select that number tab open on your browser without using your trackpad. And using the Tab and Shift+Tab keys will allow you to move back and forward through them.

9. Connect to Your Phone

Do you ever sit back at your desk and immediately think “now where did I put my phone?” Or perhaps you don’t want your boss to see you frequently checking text messages?

Now, you can connect your phone to your Windows 10 computer and send messages from your desktop. It’s a great Windows 10 hack if you need to stay focused on your screen.

10. Accessibility Upgrades

By far the most important and useful feature of Windows 10. If you are hard of hearing or have visual impairments, Microsoft has taken a huge leap forward in providing better accessibility processes.

In the ‘Ease of Access’ section of the Settings App, you can make the text brighter, bigger, and even add a color filter. There is a narration option available and even eye control on some devices. 

Many of these settings will be of no need to most Windows 10 users but those that do should take full advantage of the new features.

Master Windows 10 and Save Time

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot of new shortcuts and features that will help you master Windows 10. Even implementing just a few of these tips and tricks should save you time and streamline your workflow.

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