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Mozilla Firefox Update Released Soon With Reduced RAM Consumption


Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers on both desktop and mobile platforms. Today we will talk about RAM consumption, which is one of the issues that this browser has.

We have to mention that the developers from Mozilla have already announced that that the browser will receive a new performance settings option. If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer, then you already know that it is using way more RAM power that it should. Well, don’t worry, because the developers have found the perfect solution for this issue.

Mozilla Firefox: Performance Settings

Unfortunately, the developers are still working on the new feature, but it seems that it will not take long until it will be ready to be released to public. The new feature that will be added to Firefox will allow you to completely tweak out your browser by disabling UI animations and page prefetching.

We also have to mention that in the past years, Mozilla has managed to reduce the memory consumption of Firefox. For example, when we compare Firefox to Google’s Chrome, we can easily say that the latter browser is using way more RAM than the other one.

The rumored performance settings will allow any experienced user to manage how much RAM Firefox is allowed to use. This will be possible by restricting the amount of content that Firefox is able to run. Being able to restrict the RAM usage of a specific application is awesome, especially if you have a slow computer and this is the reason why we think that many Google Chrome fans will ditch their favorite browser for Firefox.

Unfortunately, it is not sure when exactly the new performance settings feature will be added to Firefox. However, there are rumors which say that the developers from Mozilla will try to bring it before the end of the year.

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