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Netflix’s Castlevania season 3 on the works. Are we ready?

Castlevania season 3 will be available soon


The war between good and evil rages on for centuries. In the anime CastleVania, Trevor Belmont, who comes from a family of vampire hunters’ fight for the good side. He does it since he want to purify the world from the evil clutches of those Reich. He is no ordinary human since his ancestor is Dracula, who vowed to rid the world of mortals as his beloved was killed. In this story, his father, Adrian Tepes (Alucard) joins him in this quest to kill Dracula.

The second season start with him and his father, Adrian Tepes (Alucard) teaming against his grandfather, Vlad Dracula Tepes. The latter wants to rid the world of human since his beloved was killed by them. Season 2 hasn’t been shown yet on some of the most popular video sites like Youtube, Vimeo, MetaCafe and more. To make things short, it is about the confrontation between the families. It would be around 8 episodes, which is twice the number of episodes from the first season.


About Season 3

According to sites like NewsWeek, Digital Trends and other popular sites, there would be a third season. Netflix is on the works to do a third season even if the second hasn’t been shown on video sites. There is no news about how many episode would the third season be as it is still in the works. The story about the third season is not known yet as Netflix hasn’t shared anything yet.

CastleVania is a video game

This has been one of the most popular games back in the 80’s, which has been converted into an anime because of its popularity. Simon Belmont was the first hero of the story and he was a bad ass. It has been played on platforms like Nintendo, Xbox and more. It is a very successful franchise that it become one of the most played game in that era. As time goes on the makers introduced more from the franchise, which becomes a hit like the first one.

Netflix in Android devices

Netflix is an app and once that you have installed it, Netflix TV shows would be available on your Android devices such as phone and tablet. All you have to do is to download the TV shows on your favorite devices and you can watch from there.

Are we ready

Of course, we aren’t ready yet for third season since we don’t know the story about it. It would take a year before Netflix would be sharing the story. One thing is sure, the upcoming season would be a hit since season 1 is really good. Fans are asking for more and for sure, they won’t get disappointed.





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