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VidMate Full Version Download for iOS, Android and PC


If you’re looking for a great all-in-one video downloader app, then look no further! Now that the VidMate full version download is available now, you may not look for any other video downloading app anymore!

This great video downloading application comes with features like no other. Users get to download their favorite videos from almost any source. From social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to video sharing websites like DailyMotion, Vimeo, and YouTube, you’ll definitely have a lot of possibilities with VidMate.


Why Choose VidMate?

With a long list of features up its sleeve, it’s no surprise how VidMate gained its popularity. It’s one of those applications that lets you download almost anything from any sources.

Through a simple user interface and easy processes, it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to get your hands on the latest TV shows, movies, or viral videos you have been itching to have.

VidMate Full Version Download’s Notable Features

  1. Unlimited downloads
  2. Regularly updated library
  3. The simple and interactive user interface
  4. Includes audio downloads
  5. Wide-variety of video formats
  6. Fast Downloading speeds
  7. Comes with ratings and reviews as your guide
  8. Content available comes in many languages
  9. Comes with personalized recommendations
  10. Easy download from the app’s browser
  11. Live TV streaming

Get the VidMate Full Version Download Today!

Indeed, the application is a step up from a lot of audio and video downloading applications in the market through thanks to the app’s great features.

For those who are interested in getting the latest VidMate full version download, it’s definitely available for major mobile operating systems like Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

Not only that, PC or desktop users can surely experience VidMate’s amazing features! With the help of reliable Android emulators like Nox and Bluestacks, you can have access to the app’s fast video and audio downloading features by downloading it through the emulator.

What’s in Store for Users of VidMate’s Latest Full Version Download?

When it comes to VidMate, the all-around music, movie, and video downloader, we pretty much covered all bases to ensure you get the best and the latest out of the app.

With the release of VidMate Ver. 3.46 this month, everyone’s wondering what’s new in the app. What’s in the latest release for you?

The Latest on VidMate

The newest version comes to devices running on Android 4.0 and higher. Aside from Android devices, the app can also be installed on Windows PC, although the process is a bit different. As to iOS devices, VidMate is yet to be available.

With a higher system requirement, you can expect that the newest VidMate to support faster downloading and streaming of quality video content, as well as music and videos.

Now, the latest VidMate has two main selling points that can make it worthwhile to download to your device or update your existing version of the app.

  1. Access to It’s free
  2. Stability

More Free Content

VidMate has been helping users download their favorite shows and movies all at one place – a far cry from the past few years when one has to download the torrent or MP3 file at every site where the content belongs.

Not only does VidMate free up access to a wide range of videos, it also allows watching live TV. That, in essence, removes any barrier to paid and sometimes copyrighted content. The only thing that you’ll need to download and stream is a stable connection.

More Stable App

Crashes are not new to apps, VidMate included. Some even reported to slower downloads – a paradox to the app’s promise to lead the race for the fastest downloader out there.

Thus, the latest version contains fixes to those crashes. Just a pro tip: when the app crashes, just restart your phone and it will be alright when you relaunch it. Better yet, update your app to its latest version.

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