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SoundCloud popularity going down

SoundCloud might be loosing its charisma


If you like to download to listen to music in your tablet. SoundCloud is among the best since they have been in the industry for some time.  If you want lots of music then you can choose from over 120 million of tracks. You don’t need to pay for anything as you can sign an account for free. It is available in Web, iOS, Android, Sonos, Chromecast and Xbox One. The company is based in Germany, which makes it a hotspot for downloaded music. The company makes money through subscription, allowing premier partners to monetize their content through pre-roll audio ads, channel sponsorships, mobile display ads, and native content.


Interest going down

However, their sales must have been down for some time now since according to Google Trends, the number of people using the sites has dramatically goes down from January 2018 up to June 9 2018.  Most of its users are coming from Delaware, New York, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Rhode Island. It seems that it is hard to stay on top if you don’t have something new to offer to your customers and that is what happening to SoundCloud right now.

Too many competitors

They must have been among one of the best in the industry at one time, but times are changing and there are a lot of competitors in the market offering the same thing. You can choose among a list of apps to use in downloading the music. That is the problem and with nothing new to offer, most people would rather use other apps since they must have seen something in there that SoundCloud don’t have. If this goes on, then there won’t be any way to tell on what the future holds for the company as it might get dissolve. Of course, the company would surely find something to boost their popularity, but it would be a long shot and with many apps offering the same thing, how on earth this app would be among the top choices.




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