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New Google Maps Update Has Been Released For iOS Devices


Google has released a new update for its Maps app available for devices running on iOS. The update comes with a new strange feature, which some of you might enjoy using.

The new feature is called “Your Timeline” and it is allowing you to tool at all the places that you’ve visited in the last few days, weeks or even months. This could be quite nice for the people who are struggling to remember where they’ve been and what they’ve visited. At the same time, it could be quite nice if you visit a specific area after a few months and you can’t remember where a specific restaurant is.

The new feature can be found on the Google Maps application’s slide-out menu. You will notice the “Timeline” right under the “Your Places” option. By selecting the “New” option on the “Timeline,” you will be able to look back through the places that you’ve visited in the last days, weeks and months.

You have also the ability to edit the information in your Timeline, by changing the place names and addresses in order to make sure that everything in there is accurate. You can also delete a day, a date range or the entire location-date history. To make things even better, you can also customize your modes of activities and transportation.

This new feature will surely be very useful for the persons who travel a lot and can’t remember the locations that they’ve visited in the past. For example, if you’ve visited Rome some time ago and you can’t remember where exactly you’ve eaten that perfect pizza, the “Your Timeline” feature will surely help you out. After all, let’s face it, we’re all humans and we can forget things very easily.

Will you use the new “Your Timeline” feature that has been released for Google Maps to find places you’ve visited?

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