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Oh Shoot! 5 Tips for Creating the Best Brand Videos

Are you considering implementing video content into your campaign? According to research, there’s never been a better time to do so!

55% of people watch some form of video content every day. By creating a great video, you could reach your audience in a new and exciting way.

Here’s what you need to know about creating the best brand videos.


1. Storyboard Before Shooting

Creating video content can be fun. However, it’s also extremely time-consuming.

To shorten your production time and ensure that your video gets to your audience in a timely manner, create storyboards for your videos. That way, you’ll know exactly what shots you need before you even get into the field.

2. Inform First, Sell Second

Writing scripts for digital marketing videos can be surprisingly tricky. You’ll need to strike a different tone than you would in, say, a blog, or even a social media post.

You’ll want to approach your script from a conversational tone. Remember, someone has to deliver the lines you’re writing — do they sound natural?

Along those lines, make sure you’re not leaning too hard on marketing speak. Think of how you write blog posts. Your goal should always be to provide your audience with information instead of selling them on a product or else you’ll risk losing your audience’s trust.

3. Choose The Right Spokesperson

Remember those boring educational videos you watched in school? The ones where people droned on and on? If you’re not careful, your video marketing could bear a striking resemblance to those snooze-inducing videos.

Whether you’re using talking heads or a pure and simple voice-over, use the right cast. Your spokesperson (or spokespeople) should be enthusiastic about what they’re saying.

If your own cast isn’t excited about your content, why should your audience?

4. Set The Tone With Music

It’s impossible to imagine “Jaws” without the terrifying music alerting us of the shark’s presence, or the abrasive screeching violins during the shower scene in “Psycho.” These examples show just how powerful music is.

Try to cut video content along with music that matches the mood you’re trying to set. Ideally, you’ll want to use something fun and upbeat that doesn’t distract from your content.

5. End With a Strong Call to Action

When push comes to shove, your brand videos are like any other form of content your brand publishes — it needs to further your sales goals by encouraging your audience to take action.

As you script your video, don’t forget to ensure it includes a strong, thorough CTA. Let customers know what you’d like them to do, and how you’d like them to reach you. For example, “To get your quote today, be sure to call us at [phone number].”

Use These Tips to Create the Best Brand Videos

Now you have everything you need to create the best brand videos out there. Good luck, and we can’t wait to see what you create!

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