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iPhone 8 to be Released Two Months After the iPhone 7s


According to the latest rumors, Apple will come with a new completely new designed iPhone 8 this year. We remind you that the iPhone 6 was released two and half years ago and since then, the company has kept the same design on its iPhone line.

Reports are suggesting that the iPhone 8 will come with an edge-to-edge OLED display with 4mm bezels surrounding it. However, the bad news is that the release date of iPhone 8 might be pushed back with a few months.

In the past weeks, we’ve seen some reports claiming that Apple is trying very hard to release its iPhone 8 in September 2017, but other reports were saying that this device will actually be delayed 1-2 months.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well known analyst, mentioned in a research notice that the iPhone 8 will be released sometime in October or November 2017, as Apple has an array of custom components that are destined for the iPhone 8 and that it will not have enough supply in time for a September launch.

According to a report that has surfaced a few weeks ago, it seems that the supplier responsible for creating the iPhone 8’s advanced 3D camera modules will need a bit more time in order to have enough supply to meet the high demand.

We’ve also seen some analysts saying that the iPhone 8 is delayed because Apple has noticed that it didn’t get too much attention, despite its efforts to integrate the Touch ID sensor into the device’s OLED display.

A delay for the release of iPhone 8 can be good for Apple, as a release of this device in late November could boost the sales for the Christmas. Being a new device, everyone would want to get their hands on it and this holiday could be perfect to make their wish come true.

Do you think that iPhone 8 will be released in September or it will be delayed for 1-2 months?

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