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PR for Small Businesses: 5 Helpful Tips to Grow Your Business

Today’s audience of Millenials is 247% more likely to be influenced by social media and bloggers. 

This statistic alone outlines the importance of sending your message to your audience via third-party sources such as influencers, journalists, and bloggers. Of course, this process isn’t quite as easy as sending out a blast email. 

To see success as a small business, it’s crucial to leverage all forms of media in your PR for small businesses strategy, but how can you do this without breaking the budget? Follow along to discover 5 PR tips for small businesses to see marketing success in 2021. 


1. Determine Your Audience

Before you can effectively launch your PR strategies for a small business, you must know exactly who it is you are trying to reach. This includes demographics, interests, and even brand reach. 

Are your products and services geared towards a local audience or are you stretching to national or even international buyers?

These elements will help you determine exactly which social channels are relevant for your campaigns and narrow down the story, content, and budget you’ll need to produce. 

2. Define Your Brand

Before you start sending out pitches to popular bloggers and journalists, you’ll need to have a crystal clear brand to present. While your branding colors, logo, and voice are all crucial to your brand’s validity, the most important factor to hone in on here is your message and mission.

What makes you newsworthy? Why would a blogger want to talk about your product or service over the competitors? 

Get your story, key points, and compelling content sorted and solidified before pitching to save time, money, and see more impactful results.

3. Build Your Media List

Your media list will continually change and evolve, but the first step to any great PR plan is to track it. 

Once you know what media sources you are targeting, put together a spreadsheet with all the information you need to stay on track. This includes the contact name, phone number, location, and even dates you contacted them. 

Beyond keeping your communication complication-free, you’ll also begin to gain a better perspective of which sources are worthwhile to stay in touch with and what ones to let go to stay on target. 

4. Test, Track, Improve

Keep track of all PR for small businesses to determine which avenues are the most lucrative for your unique business. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your time and money, especially when the budget is on the smaller side. 

By tracking success on each channel you can begin to guide your future campaigns or even recreate successful campaigns for greater impact. 

5. Find a PR Partner

When in doubt, put the feelers out for a PR company for small business. These agencies know exactly what PR strategies to employ to stay on budget and get you the results you deserve. 

Contact an affordable PR for a small business such as the experts at and see the difference working with the pros can make.

PR for Small Businesses

Now that you know these 5 easy PR for small businesses tips, you can get to work on your PR strategy stat! From reaching the right audience to staying on budget, we’re confident you’ll be dominating your media plan in no time.

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