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A Simple Guide on How to Get Better at Video Games

Everyone wants to get better at video games. 43 percent of American adults say they often or sometimes play games. A beginner can enjoy a game, but the fun really starts when the player gets good. 

Yet it’s not easy to become good. It requires a lot of knowledge and physical skills like finger dexterity. 

What are the basics of how to get better at video games? What kind of research can players do, and how can they stay healthy? 

Answer these questions and you can master your favorite games in no time. Here is your quick guide. 


Do Some Research

Even if you are an experienced gamer, you should see how other people play. Go on YouTube and watch playthroughs on a game you know. Take notes on how they play the game differently than you and circle things you would like to emulate. 

Sites like GameFAQs provide written walkthroughs, strategy guides, and video game tips. You can find cheat codes and glitches you can use to speed through your game. 

Most eSports events are streamed for free on YouTube and Twitch. Watch how a professional gamer plays and adapt their strategies to your style of play. 

Play a Range of Games 

It is important to practice one game until you get good at it. But you don’t want to limit yourself too much. 

Spend some time playing other games. This includes old-school ones like Donkey Kong. These games emphasize timing and hand-eye coordination, which you can apply to Call of Duty and other first-person shooters.

Stay Healthy 

Holding onto a controller for a long period of time can induce carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretch your arms, fingers, and wrists every hour or so. Find a chair that keeps your spine and neck straight without strain. 

Sleep deprivation can harm your hand-eye coordination and memory. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Take a nap during the day when you feel tired. 

Screens produce blue light that can harm your eyes. You should look away at something non-electronic every hour. It should be at least twenty feet away, and you should look at it for at least twenty seconds. 

Get the Right Gear 

Gaming gloves keep controllers from scraping against your skin and knuckles. They can also insulate your hands, providing the blood flow you need to press buttons and move joysticks. Try out a few different pairs before selecting the right one for you. 

You can use a standard tablet computer to play games, but it may lag or lose memory. Check out tablets that are specifically designed for gamers. 

How to Get Better at Video Games 

You can learn how to get better at video games. Watch YouTube videos and read online guides on your favorite titles. Take some time playing older games like Donkey Kong

Keep your hands and fingers nimble with regular stretching. Get plenty of sleep and rest your eyes while you are awake. 

Get gear like gloves to improve circulation to your hands. Buy the best gaming devices like specialized tablets, though you can use conventional ones to practice. 

Push yourself to become a great gamer. Follow our coverage for more gaming tips. 

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