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Pros and Cons of Using Wireless Keyboards for Beginners

You hate your old outdated keyboard and all the wires that come with it. Maybe it’s time to try a wireless keyboard.

Like with anything, using wireless keyboards comes with pros and cons:



There are many pros to wireless keyboards and even wireless mice. Bluetooth compatibility for mice is easy to find because there are different types of wireless mice.

Wireless Mice

A pro to using wireless keyboards is that it can easily work with a wireless mouse.

Bluetooth is one of the best ways to go when it comes to wireless because it can provide some level of security protection. Wireless mice and wireless keyboards can both have Bluetooth compatibility.


Wireless keyboards can provide more space by reducing the clutter. Space for keyboards is something we all wish we had. A clear space often equals a clean mind.

Your office or home desks could do away with all of those unwanted wires. The amount of clutter can even be further reduced with the addition of a wireless mouse.

Less Time Consuming

Let’s be honest, connecting all of those wires can be time-consuming. When you are finally done figuring it out, you may not even be in the mood to do any work.

Without wiring, there is less confusion and more time to be spent being productive. A wireless keyboard can also allow people to access the same computer at a time. This benefit can also be less time-consuming.

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Nothing can be perfect, including wireless keyboards. There are notable drawbacks that wireless computers have that can become a big issue if you’re in a busy office or working with sensitive information.

Battery Life

Wireless keyboards often have small radio transmitters that need the power to operate. The power usually comes from batteries. Wireless keyboard battery life is not the greatest.

If the batteries you are using for your wireless keyboard go dead, you won’t be able to use it. You’ll have to keep extra batteries with you or have a backup traditional keyboard in case you run into this problem at an inconvenient time.


You’re adding another radio signal to the environment when using wireless keyboards. In a busy office, your keyboard may not be working that well. This could be because of the interference from Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth, other wireless keyboards, and even metal furniture.

All of these things cause radio congestion that makes it hard for the keyboard to communicate well with your computer. If you’re working at home alone this won’t be that much of an issue.

Security Issues

Some wireless keyboards can cause security threats. Intercepting signals from a wireless keyboard is easier because it only requires radio and software to download and decrypt data.

Almost all wireless keyboards are unencrypted, so everything you type is fair game. This problem can be avoided by using a wired keyboard or one that uses Bluetooth.

Start Using Wireless Keyboards

It doesn’t hurt to try using wireless keyboards as long as you are aware of all the pros and cons. The wireless way could be just right for you.

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