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Samsung Is Releasing a DeX Update That Will Focus On The Experience For Enterprise


Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. We do not use them just to call someone, they can be used for almost anything and lately, they have proved to be ideal for companies. And Samsung is ready to use that.

Upcoming Samsung DeX improvements

Earlier this year two Samsung devices have been released: Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Along with their launch, Samsung also released the DeX dock. The purpose of DeX was to use the big screen in order to develop the smartphone experience.

Now Samsung is ready to launch another device, the Note 8, and a brand new DeX update will come with it.

If you work for an enterprise or if own one, you will be glad to hear about the upcoming DeX improvements. Samsung will expand All Apps view and it will add support for video conference software, along with some new security updates that are perfect for big companies.

Samsung Focus will have an optimized layout for the large screen. Samsung Focus will also allow you to use memos, calendar, email or other useful apps and you will be able to use the big screen for all of them. In full screen, the Samsung calendar will show you a daily agenda view in a column on the right side of the screen, but it will also have a full month view.

Additionally, Samsung Focus will also receive support on the big screen. You will be able to use the big screen for work, but also enjoy gaming enhancements and other additions.

Apps such Zoom, Blue Jeans and GoToMeeting can be combined with the upcoming DeX updates and the Note 8 in order to join video conferences.

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